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When you’re looking for the best dildo for men, the more important question is, what is the best dildo for you? We all have our own preferences when it comes to the cock that will give us the most satisfaction. Length, girth, cut or uncut, you need a range of dildos broad enough to find your perfect fit. Macho toys have a range that ensures you’ll find a great match for your play. Running from 7” to 9” for single dildos, and a variety of double dildos if you want to share the love. We also have girths from 5.5” up to 7” so you can find a dildo that hits the right spot.

Macho Toys’ range are made with silicone, so they’re safe for your body and easy to clean and sterilise. But the best part is that they’re modelled from real cocks, so you get the real feel but with less talking. They are also available in both cut and uncut, so if you’re a foreskin fan or a circumcision stan, there’s a dildo that will satisfy.

The Jake 8.5 inch Uncut Dildo

Jake is a beautifully realistic dildo in uncut form. With a length of 8.5” and a girth of 5.5”, you can experience full pleasure without the full stretch. Because Macho Toys’ lifelike dildos are made with silicone, you’ll get a firm but flexible shaft with a natural feel. Silicone is also friendly to your body, easy to clean, and odour-free, so you can enjoy knowing your body is safe. 

Sporting an elegant foreskin on top, it feels so close to the real thing you’ll think you’ve picked up. As with all of Macho Toys’ lifelike dildos, it’s cast from a real model, giving you a vivid and satisfying experience.

So next time you’re feeling like a bit of playtime, why not invite Jake over and make the experience that much more fun. 


8 Inch Vibrating Dildo

The Vulcan 8” vibrating dildo is a very popular choice, and it’s not hard to see why. It has all the benefits of the lifelike dildo collection but with that delicious buzz to push you to an amazing climax. 

The soft yet firm silicone dildo is modelled on a real cock for a realistic feel, but the advantage is the ten different vibration modes. This allows you to start with a little buzz and work your way up to an earth-shattering orgasm.

It’s chargeable by USB, and if you like to take it slow, it can go the distance, boasting 70 minutes of charge so you can take your time and enjoy the experience.

The Vulcan is waterproof rated IPX5, so it’s protected against low-pressure water streams, making the Vulcan ideal for most conditions easy to clean and sterilise.

The Vulcan can give your sexy time the jolt you’ve been looking for, whether you’re after a bit of quality alone time or with a partner.


The Mitch 7.5 inch Lifelike Dildo

Finding the right dildo means finding the dildo that can hit the spot for you. The Mitch 7.5 inch lifelike dildo is modelled on a natural penis, with a circumcised tip to give you that real feel with a smooth head.

Made of silicone, it’s firm yet flexible enough to give you a realistic experience while also being easy to clean and sterilise, and it’s odour-free and safe for your body.

The 5.5” girth means that you won’t have to stretch to feel every bit of it. Mitch is waterproof with a suction cup, so you can get it on by yourself or with a partner anywhere you like.

The Mitch 7.5 inch lifelike dildo is an awesome friend for when you want to feel the cock of your dreams without having to hit Grindr.


How to Clean Your Dildo

It’s important to care for your sex toys; they spend time in your body, and you want the best experience. Silicone is a non-porous material, so you can run it under the tap. Give it a gentle wipe with a washcloth and non-scented soap to make it as good as new. Make sure it’s dry before you return it for storage. If you’re cleaning an electronic sex toy with a low waterproof rating, use a washcloth for every step rather than running it under the water. Now you’re ready for some good, clean fun!

How To Find Your Perfect Sex Toy

We’re all different, and different toys will work better for some than for others. Whether you’re exploring the world of cock rings, lifelike dildos, or toys that go buzz in the night, it can be confusing looking for the one that will work best for you. That’s why Macho Toys has a sex toy survey to help you sort through the options to find your perfect fit. You can start now at Macho Toys to find the toy that will keep you up at night for all the right reasons.