What is a Butt Plug?

Why You Need To Add Our Jupiter Anal Stimulator To Your Must Haves

The Jupiter Anal Stimulator is definitely not your ordinary butt plug. This t-bar based, silicone butt plug comes with an extra oomph that will leave you buzzing for more. The textured base features raised nodules to give you more sensation, and it vibrates in ten different modes to really bring you to a brilliant climax.

Sized at 49.5x103x164.8mm it’s a great butt plug for someone who is looking to up their game with some good vibes.

Charge time is only 120 mins and will get you 60 mins of pleasure so you can play for longer.

It’s also waterproof to IPX5, so you can play in the shower and keep your new best friend clean for its next use.

So, your next addition to your toy box is a sure thing with the Jupiter Anal Stimulator. Make your next toy purchase is one that will satisfy and buzz you into your happiest self.


What Is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is a device that is inserted into the anus to help stimulate the anal nerves and improve sexual arousal. Butt plugs have a rounded point at the top, and a flared or t-bar base to allow easy insertion and removal. Most commonly, butt plugs are made with a silicone outer covering so that they are body friendly and provide a little give when inserting.


The best butt plug for you is one that fits without causing pain. A butt plug is designed to apply pressure to the sensitive nerve endings in your anus, but it shouldn’t apply so much that it is painful. If you’re unsure of how much you can take, consider a smaller or beginners sized butt plug to test the waters.


Butt plugs can be very effective without all the bells and whistles, but if you’re interested in getting even more pleasure, a vibrating butt plug could bring your big o to the next level.

A good butt plug is safe and pleasurable, and once you start you may well wonder why you never tried them earlier.


How To Use The Jupiter Anal Stimulator

To get your vibe on and have the most explosive fun time, here are some easy tips you can use to ensure you get the most out of your Jupiter Anal Stimulator.

  • Keep it clean. Use a little soap and water to make sure your toy is clean and ready for some dirty fun.
  • Charge it. If you want to use the vibrate function, it’s best to charge it ahead of time, so it’s ready whenever you are.
  • Lube up. Apply lubrication liberally to both the anal stimulator and your anus. This will prevent any tearing and make the insertion much easier.
  • Relax. Tense muscles make inserting your buzzy little friend more difficult, so relax your muscles by waiting until there’s been some foreplay or by mindful techniques.
  • Vibe with it. We all have a preferred vibration level, but mixing it up and increasing the intensity can add more spice to your fun times.
  • Play around. The Jupiter Anal Stimulator can give you one hell of a bang for your buck on your own, but giving the remote to a friend can really spice things up in the bedroom.
  • Mix it up. While the Jupiter Anal Stimulator might well prove to be your ride or die, there are so many other options to get your buzz on and bring you to the next level in orgasm. Check out more electric toys at Macho Toys.

How to insert a butt plug:

As Frankie said in the 80s, relax. The best time to insert a butt plug is after some foreplay to allow the muscles in your anus to accept the butt plug more easily. If you have to push and you're feeling pain, you may need to take a break, try a different angle, or perhaps downsize to a smaller butt plug until you’re ready to take on the larger one.


Another great tip is to go to the toilet before you start playing, as the same nerves that give you pleasure are the ones that activate when you’re on the loo. So, for peace of mind, it’s good to know you cleared the decks before fun commenced.

Apply lube liberally around the anus and on the device itself to make insertion more comfortable and prevent possible tearing and pain. The best kind of fun is always messy, so don’t be shy when lubing up.

How long can you keep a butt plug in

The general recommendation is that you can wear a butt plug for 2-3 hours safely. Many users, however, find that they like to keep a butt plug in for longer periods.

While there’s no actual health reasons to not extend the period of time you’re wearing your butt plug, there may be some logistical ones. 


Firstly, lube dries out, so you will need to remove the plug, reapply lube, and then reinsert it. Using an oil or silicone-based lubricant can extend the period between reapplications, but remember that silicone toys and silicone-based lube do not mix.


Secondly, your butt muscles will be doing all the work while you’ve got your plug in, so you may find that your muscles get tired over an extended period. You can train the muscles to go for longer, but just like training any muscles, this takes time.

For comfort, a butt plug with a t-bar base reduces chafing during extended wear, so it’s worthwhile investing in one if you plan to go the distance.


How to remove a butt plug

There’s a reason butt plugs have flared or t-bar bases, and that is to help with removal. Firmly grasping the base of the butt plug and slowly sliding it out is one option, while ejecting the device using your anal muscles can help too.

A key point in butt plug removal is to not pull it if you’re tense. If the wearer is anxious or in mid-orgasm, removal will be much more difficult, as the muscles will be contracting. It’s safer to leave it until you’re in the warm post-sex afterglow and your body is more relaxed.


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